Detailed Career Description

Qualifications: Bcom Accounting or equivalent with articles

Experience: 3 Years Articiles and 2 Years post articles 

Accounting Systems: Evolve and Easi BI


Key Performance Ares:

1. Manage Financial Department

· Timeous and accurate financial management reports for the Dealership by the 7th of each month.

· Apply the company policies with regards to parts aging, demo depreciation and used deprecation, extracting reports and communicating with the General Manager.

· Reconciliations for all control accounts.

· Monitor Easi BI expense movers and reconning back to management reports and Evolve.

· Regular and timeous cashbook maintenance via bank manager and monthly cashbook reconciliations for all bank accounts.

· Receipts for vehicle payments and sundry invoices for DIC from banks when amounts are received.

· Monthly allocation of warranty payments and incentives when the statement is received from OEM’s and enquiries to managers with regards to unpaid warranty claims.

· Monitor payment documentation and load payments daily and submit to General Manager for authorisation.

· Follow up on outstanding debtor and creditors balances over 60 days with the Debtors and Creditors clerk on a bi-weekly basis.

· Load all creditors payments monthly after confirmation of balances to be paid.

· Service and parts cash outstanding – weekly enquiries to managers and service advisors / salespersons with regards to outstanding amounts.

· Assistance with queries from all departments including logging tickets on Evolve Support Portal if necessary.

2. Provide Payroll Input to Head Office

· Payroll input sheets with relevant supporting documents to HR monthly before due dates given.

· Verify monthly commission and incentive calculations for all commission and incentive employees

3. Manage Team for High Performance Culture

· Establish the staffing levels and the training required to achieve required quality standards.

· Measure performances of employees and do performance reviews on monthly basis.

· Motivate and encourage your Team.

· Conduct interviews and take full responsibility for appointments of new employees.

· Team building to keep staff members positive and to build relationships.

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